Sunday, March 9, 2008

Posting on a Snowy Day!

These photos are of my yard & deck. Look how high the snow is on my grill. This was before the second wave hit and left us with 15" of snow! Last Monday we had near 70 degrees, 3 days later it looks like this. This is unusual in northern Kentucky. We always get snow in winter, but it's rare that we get a foot or more in one snowfall. It was back in January of 1978 the last time we got hit like this. I know many of you get this kind of snow all the time, are you laughing at me?

:) Thanks for visiting today -- have a great one!



lizard said...

I saw your blog and I am a stampin' up rep in Sav.GA but am from Cincinnati. My whole family is there and my sister told me all about the snow...I love your cards and would love to know the dimensions on the purse...thanks and stay safe...Beth

Catherine said...

WOW! stay warm =)

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