Monday, July 16, 2007

My Exciting Weekend

Sorry no new post for a couple of days it has been a very busy weekend. I had my Crafter’s Garage Sale on Saturday, sold some stamps and accessories met a few new stampers all in all a good day. On Sunday it was off to The Support Our Troops BB Riverboat Cruise. We had all met on Thursday night to put together and arranged most of the donations we received. That made it easy to get all set up and ready for the 551 awesome passangers that came out to join us. My husband and I sold raffle tickets along with a few others I think we had about 85 different items to raffle off. We also had an All Exclusive Trip to Cancun that could not be raffled of for money. So each paying passenger was given a Blue & White ticket when they boarded the boat. My Daughter-In-Law WON the trip. I think I was more excited than her. I was lucky too, I won a framed picture that I wanted for my bed room. My kids won a basket full with a little bit of everything, with the main item being a Webkiz, that made for a very tense evening of who gets it. All has been resolved and everyone happy.

I get to catch my breath today I think, I’m planning to take the kid over to one of my good friends to swim. I will be helping her get some work done around the house. I will not get INK to PAPER until late tonight or tomorrow. I think I should dig out some old stuff to post for days like today. I’ll work on that it will sure help me get some of that old stuff organized.

I cannot believe it is only 9 days until I leave for Convention. I’ve signed up for the SUDSOL lunch, gift exchange and swap and I only have 30 cards done so far. In addition I would like to take about 100 or so to swap with other demonstrators. I will also be exchanging gifts with my stamping friends that I’m going with. I’m going to have to do some serious stamping this week.

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